Tax Return Preparation

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There are commercial software packages for bookkeeping and tax preparation conveniently available to the public along with instructional videos. Although it appears that accounting is easy to do on your own, it also makes it too easy to overlook valuable tax relief. At Fix-it Accounting, we’ve seen costly results to tax payers too often.

We offer specialized services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. We want you to pay the least amount of tax allowed by law! We offer many years of experience in the very specialized IRS problem resolution arena. We know exactly what the IRS allows, and does not allow for business owners and individuals.

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Getting tax advice is one of the most valuable decisions you’ll ever make. The tax dollars saved will far outnumber the dollars spent.

Personal Tax Return Prep

Personal Tax Services Include:

  • Secure virtual drop off

  • Rapid turnaround

  • Electronic filing (E-File)

  • Pay by refund

  • Audit Protection

  • Strategic tax planning

  • No worries

Business Tax Return Prep

Available Services:

  • Secure virtual drop off

  • C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, Estate and Trust Returns

  • Tax Preparation is easier with the FIA Bookkeeping Department on your team. Ask for a quote on QuickBooks Online setup and training or project and monthly services

  • At FIA, we take the time to look at your business and individual returns together to get you the best possible outcome

  • Electronic Filing (E-File)

  • Audit Protection

  • Strategic Tax Planning

We’re here for you 24/7:

  • Year-Round Support

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Accuracy Guarantee

  • Free Consultation

  • Audit Assistance

  • Correspondence Assistance

  • Free Copies

We will speak with you to understand any, and all, of your filing needs along with timely updates on any issues that affect your tax return, with the appropriate advice. We promise to respond to your queries within 48 hours, and assist you in resolving your tax issues promptly and cost effectively.

We keep you informed and keep it simple.  When you need your taxes prepared and filed, we have you covered.

Ever been late paying your taxes?  It can become expensive and nerve wracking.  Let us handle the accurate and on-time filing of your returns.  Spend your time and efforts on building your business and expanding your wealth.

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Avoid mistakes and save money when you choose Fix-It Accounting to file your tax return.

Avoid mistakes and save money when you choose Fix-It Accounting to file your tax return.

Why Choose Fix-It Accounting?


Up-to-date accounting

Work with an experienced, tech-savvy team

Support when you need it (emotional support included)

Protection for your private information

Systems-based approach

Small-business specialists!


Our tax services include

NOW AVAILABLE Rapid turnaround for individual tax returns


Extended seasonal office hours beginning Jan. 2nd

Individual tax return preparation

Corporate tax preparation

Strategic tax planning

Electronic filing (E-File)

IRS audit assistance

Virtual Drop Off (email to receive your secured virtual drop off access)

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