How $50,000 in taxes owed to the IRS turned into $15,000 in tax refunds


As big and bulky an organization the IRS is, it shouldn’t surprise you that they make mistakes. Perhaps you have even fallen victim to their mistakes before. We are fortunate to have the expertise and experience to help our clients manage their encounters with the IRS so they can avoid having to pay big money.

In 2003, a Central Florida nurse received an extra W-2 from her employer. Even though this W-2 reflected money she had not been paid, the information was reported to the IRS where they revised her tax return and determined she owed a balance of approximately $36,000 including penalties and interest

In the middle of a very emotional divorce, she felt helpless and terrified, so she hired a well-known IRS Resolution firm and paid them a great deal of money to solve the issue, to no avail. Several years went by and she continued receiving threatening letters from the IRS. Out of ideas, she resorted to ignoring them and not filing tax returns. After all, she knew she had done nothing wrong and was being pursued unfairly.

Avoidance finally caught up with her at $50,000 in taxes owed to the IRS. and they began to garnish her wages. She was a single mother with no assets other than her home and car, living paycheck to paycheck, and suddenly she found herself with, what seemed at the time like, an impossible problem.

That’s when she came to us!

Our nurse friend scheduled a free consultation with us and it became immediately clear that we needed to whatever it took to help her find an IRS resolution. We were able facilitate the lifting of the levy immediately so that she could continue receiving full paychecks. Then, within a period of months (the IRS works very slowly), we solved the underlying issue of the extra W-2, filed the delinquent tax returns and got her refunds of approximately $15,000! It was a long, slow process, but absolutely worth the wait.

Our nurse friend is now living a very happy life, free of IRS worries. We continue to file her tax return every year and she has agreed to volunteer with the non-profit established to help single mothers pull themselves out of bad situations.

This story is special to us, but there are many, many more people we have had the privilege of helping out of their IRS struggles. If you find yourself in conflict with the IRS, call us today for a free consultation. We’d love to add your story to our list of IRS resolution success stories!

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