IRS: Payment Arrangements

IRS: Payment ArrangementsIf you don’t qualify for relief under the Offer in Compromise program and can’t afford to pay your balance due in full, you probably need to get into a payment arrangement with the IRS. You can do this yourself but many taxpayers find it an overwhelming process. It involves submitting detailed financial information and following up, following up, following up. If somehow the ball gets dropped and the payment arrangement isn’t finalized, you’re the one who pays the price with levies and garnishments. Ugh!

Many clients have come to us after trying to do it themselves. Take Phil, for instance. He has assets and income enough to pay the debt so an Offer in Compromise wouldn’t work for him. The IRS was insisting on a very large monthly payment that he felt he couldn’t afford. After working with an attorney as well as the Taxpayer Advocate, neither of which helped him, we got him into a much smaller payment.

So don’t worry, there’s hope. We can handle this for you. Call or email our efficient team and we’ll help you through it.

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